About us

RP Kovo s.r.o. is a Czech company with their own production and offices in Horní Cerekev. We provide development, manufacturing and sales of various logisctic systems. We are able to produce big product series and also provide special solutions based on the individual customers´ requests.

All of that under one roof, in high quality, at a reasonable price and quickly. We sell our products with success both in the Czech Republic and also abroad.

More than 70% of our projects are individual products we design directly for our customers´ needs.

First of all we discuss our customers´ concrete ideas and requests and prepare the drawings. Based on the technical documentation we manufacture steel, aluminium, wooden or plastic products. This attitude has helped us develop a whole range of logistic innovative systems for our customers.

No matter how complicated your logistic system is, any standard product can be applied. The company RP Kovo offers a wide range of products that will satisfy needs of the most-demanding customers. The so-called roll containers are the most familiar products used for transport of goods, however they can also be used for product presentation. There are many caster modifications, designs of sideboards, doors and floors.

We believe that the wide range of our products will impress even the most demanding customer. For transport and storage of the goods also the steel boxes, pallet adaptors and pallets are applied. RP Kovo is here to offer you many designs of handles, rolls and sideboards.

The best quality of our products is our standard. All metal parts contain technical or galvanized zinc (based on the product application). The chosen surface modification reliably protects all products from impact, careless manipulation or temperature deviations.

The RP Kovo products can beat their competitors easily. We focus on the simple use and overall manipulation. The casters with ball or needle bearings are placed in order to ensure perfect stability. Our roll containers can be stacked, inserted with folding or removable shelves or they can be decomposed completely – that all will save you a lot of space during transport and the actual storage.

Our efforts are also focussed on the product design. Our innovative solutions lead to problem-free internal and to ergonomic improvement for their user and also save costs.

We know that the world is getting better every day and that the demands on all business areas and also on the actual customer are growing. The high requirements also concern the integrity of the logistics, mainly the speed and efficiency. More and more customers need standard containers , pallet adaptors, boxes, metal pallets or they ask for individual solutions based on the original, individually designed logistic means and devices.