Thermosafe insulated packages

Insulated foils, cooling bags, insulated boxes, insulated panels...

Thermal bag

The "Combi Cold Carrier" keeps cold things cold and hot things hot for several hours.

It is ideal for shopping as well as for travelling and leisure.


Is an ideal solution for the transportation of both hot and frozen food. The box i hygienic and easy to handle, and its generous dimensions enable original gastronomical containers to be carried safely within.


The easiest and most effective solution when covering fridge and freezer unit, whether upright or island configuration, at nights and week-ends.

It reduces electricity consumption by up to 40% and minimizes condensation in the frozen/cold products.


An effektive thermal separtation of temperature sensitive goods. It enables one transport to include different type of goods - e.g. dairy products, fruit and general cargo.

Asphalt duvet

Has been developed to prevent the cooling of hot asphalt when transporting it from the mixing plant to the work place.

The duvet is resistant to direct contact with bitumen at temperatures over 200°C.

Insulating mat

Prolongs the construction season preventting frost from getting in the way of construction wrk. Protects plants/crops from cold and keeps the ground frost-free, meaning frost will not damage them. It also prevents direct exposure to sunlight.

Pallet cover

High-insulating pallet cover for transporting ad storing temperature sensitive goods; foodstuffs, medicine, blood and chemical products.

Pallet cover suits all standard Euro-pallets and trolleys. It can also be made to any required mesurements specified by the customer.


A special packing with a lid to be used inside a carton, for example a scantainer. Ideal for transportation of frozen and refrigerated cargo in the air, truck or vessel.

Here are standard scantainer dimensions available, but it can also be made to any required measurements specified by the customer.