Custom metal and robotic welding

We are a Czech producer of metal mobile systems. We produce metal roll containers, metal stands, trailers, advertising stands, sales stands and many other articles.

Use our dollies & save your costs

Metal racks, dollies and transport boxes are a very economical solution and provide a wide range of advantages:

  • cost saving
  • packaging saving
  • energy saving
  • labour saving
  • time saving
  • fuel saving
  • machinery saving

Insulated packages for temperature maintenance

As an additional product range we offer thermosafe insulated packages that can be used on EUR-pallets, dollies and special transport vehicles.

roboti a průmysl 4.0

Robots and Industry 4.0

We offer efficient welding on the robotized welding site COMAU-Smart5 Arc4 with the FRONIUS TPS400 welding power source and Migatronic CoWelder (UR5 and UR10) robotic welding.

The Smart ARC4 welding robot uses hollow wrist technology and is designed for MIG / MAG arc welding.

Migatronic CoWelder can be used for carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum and special alloys.

Advantages of robotic welding

  • about 50% of the welding time can be saved
  • increase of efficiency by 30-40%
  • easy programming
  • fast payback period